Basement Inspections For A Home

A Basement is the most important part of the inspection. Basements include information on most of the dwelling’s systems such as foundations, framing, electrical, plumbing and drainage. The most important part of any structure is the foundation in which it was built on. 

What We Look For In A Basement Inspection

Foundation is comprised of a few different types of material which include poured concrete, concrete masonry units (block) and stone. In all cases we are looking for leaks, leaning, and cracks. While most leaks can be fixed it is important to know if further damage was done as a result of too much water near the foundation walls. Leaning is always a concern and when it is evident during and inspection, we will always suggest a Structural Engineer to gain further input on the severity of it. Cracks can be minor or major depending the types. Horizontal cracks are an indicator of heavy soil pressure and again will require a Structural Engineers analysis. While these are able to be reinforced there will be an associated cost with it. Small cracks are a common characteristic of concrete and occurs in a majority basement floors and walls. Most of these are not a cause for concern. Cracks that are small on the bottom and larger on the top of the wall are more concerning as they are an indicator of settling. Occasionally we will see a cold pour, this is when the foundation wall was poured at two different times resulting in a noticeable ridge in the concrete. This creates a weakness in the wall and is concerning, and also requires the expertise of and Engineer.

The Basement Is a Good Source of The Homes Health

The basement is a good place to view the overall health of a structure because it allows us to see the framing in most cases. The first-floor joists have plumbing, electrical, and HVAC mounted to them. As the house ages modifications are made and additional penetrations are made throughout these joists which can sometimes be an area of concern. Another common sign that is noticed in a structure is the support columns in the basement, after years of contact with the concrete floor they tend rust and weaken and may be need of repair.