Electrical Inspections for Your Home

The electrical system in the house is mainly inspected in the area in which the service panel is located. In most cases this is the basement. 

We are looking for the following components of the electrical system.

  • Open splices, frayed wires, open junction boxes, and unfastened wires.
  • The proper amperage of the breakers or fuses based on the gauge of the wires that are being used. 
  • If the system is an old fuse box or newer breaker box. 
  • If the panel is overloaded with circuits. 
  • If the system is properly grounded and bonded, including the jumper wires to the water and gas lines.

In the other parts of the house, we will be checking to see if the polarity is reversed on any of the outlets. If there is ground fault circuit interrupters in all the wet locations such as the kitchen, bathrooms, basement, garage, and outside. Do the outlets, switches and light fixtures operate properly.