Plumbing Inspection

The plumbing system again is mainly viewed from the basement. Fixtures, traps, and feed lines will be inspected throughout the rest of the house.

The areas we inspect include the following.

  • The materials being used for the waste pipes and the feed lines 
  • The waste stack and the branch connections to it. 
  • The pitch of the waste pipes that are visible.
  • The type of hot water heater and the age of the unit. 
  • Whether or not the system is connected to the public sewage system or a septic system. (Note: We do not inspect septic systems.)
  • Do the fixtures throughout the house operate properly and drain correctly. 
  • Is there a sump pump and is it working, does it have a check valve. 
  • Is the hose bib an anti-siphon and anti-freeze.